Publish your own books - In Spanish and/or English. Would you like to see your own books printed at a very low cost per book and with an initial print run to spread it worldwide? We offer you a personalized service from the start to cover all your needs.

World Publishing Now

World Publishing Now


Dallas, Texas - México * Buenos Aires, Argentina

We Will Publish It.  All Your Books

Once the autor  signing  the agreement with

our Company and produce the first 50 book,

will send yours books, and those titles this 

become  part of our collection that will be

publicized in the monthly offering  in our

international magazine  and catalogo. 

These  two  packages  lend themselves perfectly

to memoirs and biographies or other small-size

book projects for sharing with family and the rest

of the world.

Since that time the book will be advertised in our

International  journal and web page both distributed globally by

Subscription and bulk mail earning 20% royalties.



Dallas, Texas – México  * Buenos Aires, Argentina

We Will Publish It, All Your Books

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