Frequently Asked Questions - Typical doubts from our authors. - How long does it take for my book to get published? The average time to get a book printed is between 30 to 45 days. This varies according to the amount of pages, and the time that the writer needs to revise the graphic draft of our proposal.


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Typical doubts from our authors

-How long does it take for my book to get published?

The average time to get a book printed is between 30 to 45 days. This varies according to the amount of pages, and the time that the writer needs to revise the graphic draft of our proposal.

-How do I estimate the number of pages for my book?

Calculating pages can be highly relative: it depends on a variety of elements such as font and size of the book. One page with a 15.50 x 22.50 cm format approximately has 2,000 characters; including spaces with Times New Roman font, size 12 (See “How to calculate the number of pages?”).

-What is a graphic draft? 

Is a printed draft that shows how the book will look like. Here’s the time for the author to make any final additional changes. Any change at this stage will have a cost associated to it.

-How many graphic drafts does a book need?

One every 4 books.

-Does the service include content editing?

Due to the wide variety of subjects and topics we publish, we do not offer corrections for your book. The author is responsible for the contents and corrections. 

We recommend you to get an editing service with a specialized proofreader so that your book is free from typos, spelling mistakes and grammar errors. We can provide you with a list of contacts that support our regular authors.

-How to register my book?

There are two types of copyright registration: unpublished book and ISBN.

• Unpublished book: this procedure is for all new books and is carried out in Argentina at Direccin Nacional del Derecho de Autor, Moreno 1228, Buenos Aires, Tel: (011) 4381-0897/1475/4571/7451/3251 - 4383-2001.

• ISBN: this procedure is done before getting your book printed (its number needs to be included in the first pages) This is usually done by the publisher, at an additional cost for the writer and it consists of two stages: submitting a form with the technical description of the book and delivering 4 copies with a different form that includes the author’s information. In Argentina, these forms need to be submitted at Camara Argentina del Libro, Av. Belgrano 1580, 4to piso, Buenos Aires. Tel: (011) 4381-8383.

UNITED STATES,  Internet have all the information, SAME IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY.

-What happens with copyrights when publishing at Publishing Now?

Copyrights always belong to the writer. The author has no obligation to Publishing Now, and can freely choose to print his/her book with a different publisher. Publishing Now accepts to help you with the public record of your ownership of the material, if you request it.

-What are the chances to sell all the copies?

The key factor for the sales process of a book is the author’s name. If you are a new author, please take into consideration that the sales process could be slow. Nevertheless, a lot of things can happen once you have already published a book: newspaper reviews, radio or TV comments on the book, proposals for future writing, etc. The author needs to be aware of the fact that when publishing for the first time, the mail goal is the personal satisfaction to see your work published and a great asset for your resume; all the rest that can happen afterwards is totally unexpected. You need to consider that the first buyers will be people who are close to you, so ideally you should consider a way to release your book; there are many places at a very low cost (or no cost at all!) where Publishing Now is present. The capacity to increase the author’s popularity will determine the result of the sales process.

-How do I need to submit my work to get my book published?

The best way it to submit a CD, but you can also use your original work handwritten or typed. We have professionals ready to modify the format of your original manuscript (See “Manuscript format and graphic draft”). If you already have an electronic format, we suggest you to provide us with the following:

•             A printed copy with index.

•             Digital file (disquette - CD - DVD – pendrive, etc).

•             Summary (45 words, 50 max), for catalogs and releases.

•             Cover material (picture – author’s picture – book review – short author’s biography).

-How should I present the material for the covers?

You can include pictures, paintings, drawings, schemes, etc for your cover. This material needs to be provided by the author. If electronic, it needs to be presented in a .tif file with 300 dpi, real size; it is not recommended to use images from internet due to the low resolution and copyrights. You can also use a different design that does not include images. Publishing Now could offer you Standard designs for you to choose from. The back cover needs to include some information regarding the content or tone of the book. Information about the author and picture (optional) should be placed in the dust jackets (if included) or the back cover.

Some authors prefer to bring all their cover material ready, so it is important that you let us know in advance how you want to deal with this part of your book.

Ideally you should provide us with all the necessary material to optimize the design of your cover.

-What steps should I follow if I am not from Argentina?

It is not necessary that you come physically to our office. If you want to publish your book contact us via e-mail or by phone so as to guide you through the process. 

-Why is it best to choose the 15.5 x 22.5 standard format and not a 14 x 21cm (pocket) or smaller?

Because you can have more text per page, which leads to fewer pages and a smaller investment to get your book printed.

For example, a 200,000 characters text will need for 100 pages in a standard format, and almost 120 in the pocket format.

Given that pricing in the process is based on the length of the book, the price in a smaller format will be higher than in a standard format.

-How do we differentiate from the rest?

• We have a complete web site, with details on the way we operate and very transparent information for our clients. Anyone can choose from our varied services, get the service and receive the expected final product.

• We walk the writers through the process, explaining pros and cons so as to clarify possible scenarios for sales and distribution, according to each type of book.

• You can count on us as serious and reliable as we support you to make your publishing experience an easy and smooth one.

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